South FL Agent Magazine | Miami Team Leader Jeff Miller Shares Secrets to Success

October 21, 2019

Miller began building his team in 2006, when he hired his first assistant. He wanted it to grow from the ground up. “She handles appointments, scheduling, contracts and personally assists me in all aspects of my day-to-day interaction with clients,” Miller said. “My next hire was a director of marketing to handle all of the marketing aspects and coordinate everything: professional photographs, graphic design, 3D property tours, custom home video tours, print advertising, website development and social media. We seek out the most talented people and work with them to create a custom marketing package for our properties and clients.”

Miller is strategic when it comes to hiring new agents. He invests time and energy in studying the agents he plans to bring on board to be sure they’re a good fit. Maintaining a positive environment is important to him.

“When I first started my real estate career, I really wanted to be able to offer the highest level of personal service to my clients,” Miller said. “I really wanted to be able to exceed all their expectations. At that time, I saw most agents were working as individuals, as was I, but I knew that to really to set myself apart I had to develop a team.”

“I like to watch people for a year or two and see how they interact in the industry,” Miller said. “Are they in it for the long run, or are they just joining to try to make a quick buck? Are they here because they have a friend who wants to buy a piece of real estate? Or represent a family member one time and then disappear?” He looks for people with staying power.

“The harder we work, the more we sell, the more everyone makes,” Miller said. “All of the agents’ splits are competitive in the industry and they are very happy. I originate about 99 percent of the business opportunities, and my team helps me service the clients’ needs.”

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